Dark Exeter World

Magic Acorn harvesting battle .

Choose your clan and take your hero into the Dark Levorix battles to harvest Magic Acorns and earn rewards.

ChipMonk Clans

ChipMonk World is collection of 10,000 unique ChipMonk’s NFT living on Ethereum blockchain, each ChipMonk holding different attributes and powers. The collection is divided in 5 epochs and has the origin of 5 different.

Rarity Traits

150 different attributes and powers automatically assembled by algorithm creating unique combinations.

  • Clan Traits

    Acorn type, Clan origin, Gene's runner, Genes purity, Epoch, Rank.

  • Harvesting Traits

    Favorite food, Speed level, Agility level, Harvesting powers, Harvesting tool.

  • Character Traits

    Background, Boots, Helmet, Armour, Earrings, Body, Eyes, Glasses.

Epoch One Collection

Community-driven universe set in a fantastical world of mystery, mysticism, and cryptocurrency. The collection is divided in Five Epochs and has the origin of Five different Clans of ChimpMonk.